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Are you thinking, How Can I save My House From Foreclosure ?

There are Few Options which we can work together to save this depending on your specific situation and where do you stand in the Process with Bank.

IF YOU ARE IN THE PRE STAGES OF FORECLOSURE : If you are in a stage where you just received a notice of default or Pre Foreclosure, You are not Yet too deep into the woods. In this Stage, if you have money you either pay off your back payments or wait Little more until you arrange the required money to pay those delinquent payments. 

If you Don’t have Money to Pay the Back Payments, You can request for a Loan Modification Program from your Lender. This Gives you some Extra time and Flexibility to make those payments. This is a great way to get a Breathing room to put a short pause on Foreclosure Proceedings. OR You can also Refinance your Mortgage with another Lender.

IF YOU ARE IN MIDDLE OF THE FORECLOSURE : This is Where you should seriously consider your next Steps. At this point, the Bank has Started Proceedings with their Attorney to File a Formal Foreclosure and Get your House Auctioned. In this Stage, you can either:

1 – Sell Your House Directly to a Local Homebuyer – This is a good way to Get out of all this Trouble. In this Way the new Buyer will Offer you a Cash Offer which will Pay your Back Payments (Mortgage and Back Taxes) and the remaining leftover money will be yours. The advantage of this are:

  • Your Credit won’t get hurt because in the eyes of Lender its you who have paid all the due payments. We can Help in This!
  • You get more money for your house which you might get from an Auction. Because Auctions are usually made for your Lender to get all their due payments and the Banks really don’t have any interest if the property is worth more.
  • By Selling it to a Local Homebuyer, you get to know the person and you get all the Flexibility of Selling your house from a mutual decision and we even help our seller’s to find a new place & help in moving rather than an unknown person knocking on your door and dragging you out who won the house in the auction. It Really makes a difference.

2- Either File For a Short Sale: In this way, A Person (Professional Short Sale Negotiator) on Behalf of you negotiates with the Bank for a Short Sale. We have a team of People who are Expert in this. This is a Good option if You owe a lot of money to the Bank and if selling it externally to a Homebuyer will not cover your Bank’s Due Payments. Note: This is a slow process and can take up to 4 months – 1 Year depending on your lender.

IF YOU ARE IN AUCTION PERIOD: This is usually the Last Stage where the Chances to save your House are less but Still can be saved if Acted on Quickly. We at H&M Home Solutions, have saved Houses from Foreclosure in this Stage by using a Quick Cash Buying approach in which We Buy your House in 7 Days or Less and Pay you more than Auction Price. This Money is enough to Pay your Back Payments and have some Leftover for you to find your next residence.