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Suddenly Getting a Foreclosure Letter from the Tax office for your Property Back Taxes ?

Its frustrating, challenging and sometimes you find yourself in a clueless situation and wonder what is the right option to make. Well, this might clear things up and perhaps provide a well rounded solution.

What is a Tax Lien?

A tax lien is a legal claim against real property that arises when taxes owed on the property remain unpaid for at least 18 months. The lien attaches to the property itself, not just the owner’s equity in it.

What are the most Common Reasons for House Tax Lien?

Tax liens are when a government entity takes over your home because you owe back taxes. If you don’t pay the tax lien, the government can take over your home and sell it to cover the debt.

There are many reasons why people can end up owing taxes, but here are some of the most common reasons for a tax lien:

-Late or missed payments on property taxes

-Inability to pay property taxes because of financial hardships or unemployment

-Failure to file or pay state income tax

-Failure to file or pay federal income tax

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your House Taxes?

If you don’t pay your house taxes, the county will take steps to take back your home. They can do this by placing a lien on your property, foreclosing on your mortgage and taking ownership of the property, or auctioning off the property to recoup unpaid taxes.

Paying your house taxes ensures that you maintain ownership of the property and that you have a say in what happens with it. .If you have a house and lot that has been foreclosed on, the process to reclaim ownership includes paying back all of the property taxes, fees and penalties that have accrued.

When the property goes in foreclosure, the attorney and county Tax office gives enough time and opportunities for the homeowner to present their case or pay back the taxes, but after that the foreclosure filed and a auction date is set up.

The Auction is generally held in front of the county courtsteps and is published in local newspapers and bulletin board. A property going in auction is never a good situation for a homeowner. The Tax office only cares about what you owe in the tax and that’s the amount they put as the auction price regardless of what the property might worth and your equity in it. Due to this discrepancy your property might be sold less than its value.

If you are in a foreclosure or in an auction, we can help to sell your house in a much better situation than the auction process. H&M Home Solutions can directly buy your house for more than what the auction will give you.

For Example: Let’s say, you owe $10,000 in property taxes and your house is worth $50,000. The tax office only cares about their $10,000 and in order to get that money quick, the auction price will be set at $10,000 regardless of your house actual value. We at H&M Home Solutions, look carefully at the property’s inherent value and taxes owed. Based on that we offer you more than the auction price, perhaps $40,000 in this case and you get to keep the rest $30,000 after taking out the $10,000 in back taxes. And on top of that you get to save the foreclosure as well, which eventually save your credit from getting ruined.

Once your property goes under foreclosure, the information is publicly available, and you might see people driving around your house to see its condition and hoping to buy it during the auction period. This can be very disturbing for some homeowners. Our Team of real estate folks, make sure the property is saved in the pre-foreclosure stages and never reaches to the auction. We also assist in finding a new place for the homeowner and provide up to $500 in moving assistance.

Your Options

In a situation like this, no one wants to give up on their house and even the tax office does not want to take the property away from you. Therefore the best option could be this:

  • Find a way to pay off all your back Taxes with interest. This is the best solution hand down. But off course if it would be possible you would have already done it.
  • Ask for Extension. In rare cases the tax office can give you extension to pay off the balance before filing the foreclosure
  • If the above options don’t work, you will eventually face foreclosure and your property will be sold in an auction with less amount than its value.
  • Lastly but the best option in case you can’t pay taxes is to contact us, so we can save the foreclosure, save your credit, get maximum amount for your house and we do all this hassle free in very simple steps

Selling a house with Tax Lien?

A tax lien is created when an owner fails to pay their property taxes. Tax liens are public records, which means that all of the information about a property’s liens will be publicly available, and anyone can go online and look it up.

There are many reasons why selling a house with tax lien can be difficult. The most obvious one is that it can be hard to find buyers for homes with liens on them. In addition, the process of buying and selling a home with a tax lien requires more time and effort than if there were no lien on the property at all.

Most of the retail buyers look to buy a family home to raise their kids and usually don’t prefer to get involved in properties with tax liens. The buyers for these types of properties are generally investors who knows the ins and outs of tax delinquent situation and how to deal with county tax office, therefore it is essential you have a good relationship with the investor buyer who can work with you to buy the house in initial stages of delinquency or pre foreclosure.

We at H&M Home Solutions, work very diligently with the homeowners to understand their situation and their future goals. We have a team of real estate professionals who work within the give time frame to make sure the transaction is done before the property go under foreclosure.

  • We make sure you get paid the maximum amount for your property value
  • While paying you more than what you get in a county auction, we make sure your property never goes in foreclosure, thereby getting the best of both worlds while saving your credit
  • We do not charge any fees or realtor commissions
  • We pay for all the closing cost
  • We don’t require you to do any clean ups or repairs. We buy as is.
  • We don’t require the homeowner to do any 3rd party inspections or appraisals.
  • We don’t require you to go to different offices or to the attorney’s office for closing. We have a team who can do it all remotely while you are sitting on your sofa. We do all the heavy lifting here.

What can possibly be better than this? Here you get to save your back taxes foreclosure, get more money for your house than a default auction, save your credit (this is a big one) and do all of this the most stress-free way possible. Reach out to us and see how we can possibly you assist in your situation, and if we can’t we will let you know straight up and guide you in the right direction.

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