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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Vacant Home

Either You have inherited a Home which you might not want or a Rental Property which you decided to Not Take care of, these Reasons will Help.


1: Theft Stealing: This is a Real Problem which many Homeowners across the Country face. Burglars have a lot to take from your house which might not even consider. Things like Plumbing Fixtures, Sink, Appliances are all such things which can be sold in open market and can Damage your pocket. There are reports in which burglars even took Palm trees from outside the Yard. Do not fall for these and get your home sold as soon as you can,

2: Decrease in Value: As we all know that, A home which is not maintained properly goes down in value. Its not just the market trends which effects the value but the condition and maintenance too. A lot of times, vacant homes requires massive amount of money in fix up due to leaking roof, broken windows, plumbing repairs and HVAC. If your house needs massive repairs and you are short on Cash, its always better to sell the house early before it gets too bad.

3: Trespassing: Squatters are everywhere and more so in North Carolina. Remember, squatters not always are people who cannot find affordable housing but maybe your past tenants or anyone with some grudge against your who seem determined to enact their revenge, most commonly, through vandalism and trying everything to make your property uninhabitable.

4: Water Damage: Surprisingly nearly 15,000 Americans experience a water damage emergency in their home every single day. Water is your biggest enemy when dealing with Vacant homes and can cost you thousands of dollars. and it juts not repairs, its the insurance claim; nearly on average $7,000 is the claim amount which insurance companies have to to pay.

At H&M Home Solutions, We can take your vacant home off your hands. We have seen plenty of vacant homes and we see what potential value they hold, therefore this helps us to pay you fair price for vacant properties. We can buy your Vacant Home in as little as 7 days or even less.

We are a proud local homebuyers of Vacant homes in Catawba County, Burke County, Caldwell County, Lincoln County and Surrounding areas.

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